Kunu Kaushal

Kunu Kaushal

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Sample Topics

  • Building a Winning Workplace Culture

  • How to Recognize When It’s Time To Let Someone Go

  • Key Strategies That Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Implementing an Exceptional Caregiver Mentor Program

  • How to Identify and Promote a Team Leader

  • 5 Key Strategies That Drive Caregiver Retention

  • How to Deliver a Client Experience That Increases Referrals

  • Running a Home Care Business That Doesn’t Run You

  • How to Manage Employee Accountability

Your home care journey took you to this spot for a reason. As a leader in the home care space, you understand better than most what it takes to build something from the ground up and succeed. But your work’s only just beginning. The next phase of your journey starts here—with an invitation to Book Kunu.

Kunu Kaushal is a thought leader, mentor, and speaker in the home care industry, inspiring business teams worldwide. Speaking from the heart, he shares his failures, successes, and those step-by-step processes that led to big transformations on his own journey to becoming the country’s leading home care entrepreneur.

Founder of Senior Solutions Home Care, Kunu’s relentless dedication to creating solutions for senior care, business management, and the industry as a whole are why he speaks today. He’s a born teacher, a genuine friend, a trusted guide, and an advocate. Backed by years of experience and hard-earned wisdom, Kunu shares valuable insights and proven processes to help you navigate what’s ahead and elevate your business. Not because it’s his job, but because home care is his home.

Every great journey starts with a leap forward—book Kunu today!

Trades and Agreements


The honorarium is a fee for the time of the speaker, to offset the cost of having them out of the office, as well as to recognize the benefit they provide to your event. In some instances and at the discretion of our marketing team, trades in services can be made to cover this fee. These trades could include conference exhibit and sponsorship packages.  Our typical honorarium fee is $5000, but can be reduced if your event provides booth or vendor space and/or conference registrations. The honorarium fee will be added to the final invoice. If you are interested in discussing trades and agreements in greater detail, contact us today.