Kunu and Family

Growing up in various suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, Kunu was surrounded with a sense of community and the need to support it through healthcare.

Kunu’s roots take him back to India where he was born, but when his family immigrated to Tennessee at the age of 7, he quickly established new roots in southern soil. When his family relocated, they came to the US in search of the American Dream. Kunu’s father was a practicing physician and his mother was a nurse who began to quickly explore their entrepreneurial talents by combining their healthcare backgrounds with their business acumen. They built businesses focused on the elderly (Geriatrics) and, to this day, continue to own, operate, and manage flourishing businesses related to Assisted Living, Home Health, and Hospice. Kunu was practically raised helping his mother in her assisted living community and interacting with the residents with whom he fondly felt a sense of belonging. After high school, Kunu gained his formal education at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

After college, Kunu put to work his passion for healthcare in a collaboration with a Nashville health system trying innovative pre- and post-surgery support. He couldn’t resist the desire to work with the elderly and took a position in sales for a local Home Health and Hospice provider. He discovered a new challenge: developing innovative strategies to market those services. When the opportunity presented itself, he took a position as Director of Business Development for a national Home Health/Hospice marketing and consulting agency. The next step in the journey was to manage and lead a healthcare agency directly. Kunu spent time as the Administrator for a Private Duty Nursing company, which served Tennessee’s frailest elderly people and children with complex care needs in the home through trained nurses.

As many origin stories of great businesses go, an entrepreneur discovers a need and takes a leap of faith to fill that need with a solution. Close to home, that need came in the form of Kunu’s grandparents needing quality care that would allow them to live independent and happy lives in their home instead of a facility. Kunu founded Senior Solutions Home Care in 2010 with hopes to accomplish just that.

He was hooked.

Not only did he channel his experience, but Kunu was also able to truly pour his passion and heart into a business he could call his own. As the years wore on, the company transformed from a start-up to a thriving and growing business. His success with building Senior Solutions Home Care led to an opportunity to acquire a local competitor in 2014. The challenges were great, but the ability to serve many more people quickly became a rewarding experience. In early 2015, Kunu was able to orchestrate another acquisition which helped the company to grow its service area into West Tennessee.

Along the way, Kunu has found opportunities to bring change and awareness to this segment of healthcare. He has served on boards of multiple entities, with his position as President of the Tennessee Association of Home Care being the pinnacle of them all. He works with thought leaders like Stephen Tweed of Leading Home Care, participating in Mastermind groups and teaching other agency owners from around the nation during private on-site events. ClearCare, one of the nation’s most notable technology groups, has designated Kunu an Ambassador for their platform.

By the end of 2016, Kunu was at the helm of a business grossing nearly 6 million in revenues and servicing over 400 clients throughout the state. With a rapidly growing team of empowered employees who also feel the same passion and calling to serve the community with high-quality care, the business continues to expand and grow.

In 2017, Kunu expanded Senior Solutions Home Care by offering two new services: Senior Solutions Transportation and Senior Solutions Nutrition.

Senior Solutions Transportation offers non-ambulatory transportation to senior citizens in the Nashville area. The services provided are catered to those who are unable to provide transportation for themselves, yet want to live an active and independent lifestyle. Senior Solutions Transportation’s drivers are trained to assist with any form of medical or physical needs to ensure the highest level of safety for each client.

Senior Solutions Nutrition provides healthy meals to senior citizens who may be unable to get the nutritional support they need on their own. The meal packages are delivered weekly and directly to the clients home. All meals are frozen in BPA-free, microwave-safe containers, making the preparation effortless. The meals are designed to meet the individual needs of each person, ensuring that they get the correct amount of calories and nutrients based on their health concerns.

By 2018, Kunu started to question how he could help other home care leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. He had learned so much about what to do (and what not to do) over the years, and wondered how he could share that growth of knowledge with others⁠—especially independent home care owners⁠—who might be struggling with similar challenges. Later that year, Kunu began to conceive of both Elevate with Kunu and the Independent Home Care Alliance as answers to his ambition to share what he has learned.

Elevate with Kunu, officially launched in 2019, is a digital platform on which Kunu shares motivation, inspiration, and advice to other entrepreneurs and business leaders who might need that extra push to succeed. Also launched in 2019, the Independent Home Care Alliance (IHCA) was founded to allow independent home care owners throughout the nation to collaboratively share best practices and other information in a closed community of their peers. In just a short amount of time, the network of independents in the IHCA has grown to around 300 participants.

Kunu has also founded a non-profit geared specifically at putting smiles on the faces of elderly and disabled persons. Senior Flower Partners™ is a group that collaborates with many Home Health, Hospice, Hospital, and other like-minded groups in delivering bouquets of flowers to those who may feel forgotten. The nonprofit has been a source of what Kunu refers to as “food for the soul”.

Kunu and his wife, Jill, have three daughters, named Amiya, Eila, and Lily. He and his wife try to empower their daughters and teach them the importance of helping others in life. Kunu often jokes that although his daughters are all under the age of 7, they are the true executive officers of his life.

Kunu’s large-scale vision is to teach and expand his influence into the healthcare space. He knows that the demand and need for quality senior care is growing at exponential rates and the best way to make the most impact is to help and assist other agency owners on their mutual mission to serve.

Kunu plans to speak publicly in order to teach and guide entrepreneurs of any background on how to make their passions and dreams more impactful. Follow www.KunuKaushal.com to get an inside look at what Kunu is building.